pippi langstrumpf aka pippi longstocking – 03

i gave pippi some clothes, and started on mr nilsson by making a zsphere model of the body in symmetry, and then modeled it a little into shape, and then posed it on pippi’s shoulder.



gargoyle – 3

today i am showing a series of steps i did to progress with my gargoyle :
1) created the final pose, and refined the basemesh
2) subdivided once and refined more, mainly defined muscle volumes and tried to indicate bones where they are visble at the surface (knee for example). it is still rough, but showing enough to progress with
3) zspheres for one wing
4) zsketching over the “wing frame” to get a volume for the wing
5) making an adapive skin from that, and
6) dynameshed and smoothed it
now the basic form for the wing is there, it still needs refinement.

gargoyle – 2

when i started the project, i intended to just do a portrait shot, but now i decided to do instead a full body, as i feel this will be quite fun, and secondly, i feel a little rusty on the other zbrush tools available, so doing a complete gargoyle will let me revisit these features…
so, i first made a zsphere skeleton for the intended pose of the body, then skinned it, and began pushing around the polygons, to get the volumes necessary at least indicated. this is my crude basemesh i am starting from, the topology given from the zspheremesh is not perfect, but i think it will do (hopefully)…

oh, btw, the podest underneath has a technical purpose, and as i never have seen this little tip on the internet, i share it here : when sculpting in zbrush an odd feature is, that the mesh has no fixed coordinate system, so the floor is all the time aligning itself to the lowest point in the mesh. this makes it quite hard to get the feet all stay on the same plane, when working on the toes say : as soon as a polygon from the toes get to be the lowest part of the mesh, the whole floor goes down, making it hard to judge now how much you have to move up that polygon again to make it level to the feet… having the podest underneath this problem vanishes, as the podest is a different subtool that will not be edited πŸ™‚

a creature for liam – 3

i have chosen a rough pose, the zsphere construction will become a tree, or rather the part of it we will see in the final image, the thing he is looking at, could become a fantasy flower, or some fantasy fruit he wants to pick … is this how you would imagine a spy…yd will move through a tree, liam ?