betsy – 04

as i sculpted betsy truely in the round, as such woodcarving would have been done, i made some more renders for your viewing pleasure 🙂





betsy – 03

for the final image, i was in the mood to try something new… as i had been woodcarving in the past, i thought it would be nice to turn her into a woodcarving, presented in a local forest where people walk for pleasure… so, i went over the sculpt once again, to get more hard edges in as they would appear in a wood carving. then making a wood material. here i used the texture pack pixar recently has shared to the public, the wood is white maple, which is quite hard to carve, but is used for outdoor carvings as it is quite durable … i hope you like my experiment…


orang mom with baby, the story behind

some comments on my orang mom wth baby sculpt made me think it would be nice for my dear readers to know where this sculpt came from ,,,, actually, she is hanging over my bed 😉 …lol… as a releifcarving i did almost 5 years ago:

bas relief carved in walnut, the wood being 3/4” thick, the circle being 10” diameter

the strong colorchange that was visible when i fotographed it right after finishing has vanished after the 5 years, the wood now has a nice soft even patina,,, and, if interested, here is a 10 pages long story of the making, you would be surprised how similar the thoughts needed are, in wood carving, and sculpting in a 3d package…lol 🙂

memorial carving

today i present a woodcarving i just finished, which i made as a memorial piece for september 11. i show it here in my zbrush blog, as i made this carving with the help of zbrush… i had done the zbrush sculpt first, and showed it in this post , but for convinience here is again the model

i made prints from several views to get a mean for measuring the model, and carved then the zbrush model in linden wood, using these print outs as a guide. i did not intend to completely copy the zbrush model, but just wanted it to help me visualize and, get the proportions correct. i did not carve as a sculpture in the round, but as high relief…

the title of the piece is “remember”

marion graefin doenhoff

marion graefin doenhoff was a great woman i admire alot, and so i had carved a portrait of her in wood, some time ago (which you can see on my homepage)… now, i want sculpt a portrait of her in zbrush, and my hope is, that i can push forward, and make this cg portrait closer to how she looked, and portrait closer how her personality was… thats the high reaching goal with this project, and here is the very humble beginning, just capturing the big proportion. i am working from reference fotos, showing her at age 91…