lady with black and white dress – 02

afer a few days rest frm game making, i have picked up the abandoned project of the lady with the black and white dress. i have now all the meshes cleaned up, zremeshed them, and have painted the textures. they need to be cleaned up in photoshp still… i am not sure about the fringe at the lower dress, in the reference image it was in black and white stripes as well, and i tried it too, but i don’t like it too much… maybe i redo these two fringes in blender, with cloth sim, and may be then stripes will look good… so, here is how far i am, a zbrish screenshot:



freddie – 16

i hope you all had a nice holiday 🙂 … i managed to work more on my game, mostly coding, since i am still very slow with it… but today, i worked on a new enemy, as i want some different way of movement in the game. so, he will come in level 5, i think, and he is not walking but jumping. here is a screenshot within blender, where i had just rigged him, and tried out the weightpaint if it works with the intended poses…


i really like, that due to the game making, i am learning how to work quickly and efficiently. this guy took only 3 hours, sculpting from scratch in zbrush. then i zremeshed thim from 7 mill down to 5000 polygons. then i made polygroups for the uv islands in zbrush, goz to blender to use those polygroups for uv making. and arranged the uvislands to use best space. back to zbrush, i painted the texture, and sculpted detail. here i noticed i have not enough polgones on the head. so, i bring back to blender, selected the face and subdivided this once. yes, this made an ugly border of polygons, but i had chosen this border away from the uv seam, and in an area that will not move in animation. then i brought back this mesh, that now had 7000 polygons, to zbrush, and let zbrush project the details back to this higher mesh… then i finished sculpting detail and texture paining in zbrush, and finally calculated normal map and occlusion map and texture map and back to blender. … all this was only 3 hours 🙂 … then i first tried that the maps and the lowpoly works well in unity, and it does. then i made a rig and skinned it to the mesh, and the image shows one of my tests for the rig 🙂 … and, yes, as you can see there is still some fixing needed with the weightpaint, as the mesh at the neck is stretched in this pose…

cyborg woman – 08

big changes 🙂 i changed the colorscheme completely (but still can go back to the old one, or even try a different one, since i did this via a rgb curves node in the material), added scratches and dirt, as suggested in the comments by mark 🙂 thank you for that, mark. yes, this is very good for making it read as metal. … i painted the color texture for the skin in zbrush (first time in this project that i used zbrush…). the skin still needs at least a specularity map, as this overall glossy makes it odd. but i paint that next… and, i added lashes, and eyebrow… and trying to fix the composition. might get some tweaks but this is about how i want go with the final… and, then i need add a background, of course… so, still wip, still a lot to do, but getting closer to final now 🙂


cyborg woman – 07

today, i noticed that my nice uv-layout was not working for the cables, as these were still one part with array and curve modifiers. this made a mess when i tried baking ambient occlusion map 😦 … so, i had to rework these 😦 … but i succeded 🙂 and here is a first test with texture for the metal parts… not sure, it looks too much like plastic, it should read as metal…


what do you think? are the colors too dark?

crocodile – 03

here is the crocodile painted in substance painter… i am not happy. i had lots of problems with exporting the maps, there were many write errors, like black boxes on the top of the textures… but, i managed with struggle to squeeze out a render… (croco is posed with a lattice :-))


and, then, i did the same completely in zbrush. so i subdivided the croco to 18 mill polygons and painted a new texture in zbrush… this took far less time, and i got this:


this croco has no good spec map, as the one painted with substance painter has. it also has no bump map, as the one with substance painter has. still, i like the zbrush one better… i guess, i will postpone buying substance painter, these problems with map export are no fun… also, what i love in zbrush is the colorspray for painting, this gives so nice colorvariation in the texture which makes it much easier to make them look natural. i could not find such a tool in substance painter, maybe i missed it.

little princess – 08

the evolution to become a rose … first dynatopo sculpt. then retopo, where the outer petales where done by zremesher, the inner ones done by hand in blender. zremesher just could not do it… then rendered with just material. then painted textur, bump-, roughness- and normal map in substance painter. i have downloaded a demoversion the other day, and thought this project would be a good test ride 🙂 so, here is the rose: