anatomical studies – 12

went back tonight to my anatomical studies, ,,, again a male torso, sculpted from dynamesh…


anatomical studies – 09

today, i picked up my anatomical studies again 🙂 and decided to try to make a less academic sculpt, and more dynamic… what better than choosing a pose from sport for that… so, here is the humble start, a lowpoly basemesh, posed… now its the task to bring that to life 🙂

anatomical study of the head – 2

wow, this was quite an eyeopener 🙂 i did understand some things i never was aware of, and despite this mesh still has just 40 000 polygons, i think one can see the difference it makes when doing the anatomy correct (or better at least … lol) … i am showing the basemesh too, as it supports my idea that a clean topology helps in modeling…

yes, the burne hogarth influence that was cleary seen on the first post, is now replaced more by influence of peter rubino, though i did not change the big proportions… and, yes, the lips are inspired by michelangelo 🙂

young man – 5

had a little time today to work on the model… originally i had planned to reproject the “old” shapes onto the new topology, but it seems with the new additions to zbrush, there also came bugs in functions that previously worked, the reprojekt is doing weird things, and “edgeloops” even weirder … sigh … so, my only choice seems to remodel him… anyway, this will be a good exercise, and, i think, it will be worth it… so here is the result of tonight :