fauraut study _ 02

finally managed to finish this study…



portrait challenge – 01

as my last posts showed, i am interested in getting better likeness in my portraits. so, i set a goal to create 7 portraits of wellknown people. each portrait will have two posts. the first , in which i show a work in progress image but do not reveal the name of the person which i portray. the second post, i will show the final portrait, and reveal the name … if you like dear readers you can leave your guess whom i am protraying in the comments … to me, this would be helpful, since i can see how well my likeness got, from the amount of correct and incorrect guesses (and from the names of the wrong guesses, i maybe can judge what went wrong with my portrait) .. for you, it might be fun. … if you participate or just watch, i hope we all enjoy this challenge 🙂

so, here is the first, still rough, but i think enough that one can see… who is this?