sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

ah, the other day, i visited one of the blogs i frequently visit, and saw this wonderful drawing by jacob. it inspired me so much, that i just had(!) to sculpt it 🙂 so, i made today holiday from the gamemaking, and instead had 4.5 hours sculpting heaven. it is still wip, meaning the meshes are all dynamesh, and need me remeshed so that i can paint (maybe) and render it propoerly in cycles 🙂


of course, i had to invent the back, but i tried to make it to match the front… i hope you like 🙂


freddie – 05

as i was today in sculpting mood, i decided to create the first of the enemies that freddie will meet during the game 🙂

just 5 hours, zbrush fun, and a little help from blender for getting the uv layout nice 🙂 … he also has already a basemesh, with a tad over 5000 polygons, created with zremesher and refined a little with zmodler to get rid of some spiral looops. i will try if that works for animation. if yes, i would be very happy as it would save me the retopo that always takes quite a time of the character creation process…

so, first the steps in finding the character:


and how the final character looks in highpoly zbrush screenshot:


and his nice uv layout 🙂


tomorrow i will bake normalmap and texture map, and try him out in unity, and try to animate him in blender 🙂 i hope you like him, despite he will be an “enemy”… 😉

jack – again

i really liked the portrait of jack, but i did not like that i rendered it as marble bust, while the sculpting does not “support” this material. in fact, the raw sculpt looks more like clay than stone. so, i decided to work over the sculpt, and bring it to a state where it would look like a stone carving, even without material. the edges now catch highlights, and the lines are sharp, as they would be when cut with a chisel… hehe, these “minor” changes took twice as long as the previous version of the sculpt took me on weekend… lol .. here is the final render

and here is how he looks within zbrush:


weekend fun sculpt

with this sculpt, my idea was to try to get the complete sculpt done with at most 200 000 polygons… and i did 🙂 it has 194 000. admittedly, it is still rough in places, because not enough polygons, but the essential is in, and could be turned into a finished work easily … enjoy, portrait of jack: