lady with black and white dress – 02

afer a few days rest frm game making, i have picked up the abandoned project of the lady with the black and white dress. i have now all the meshes cleaned up, zremeshed them, and have painted the textures. they need to be cleaned up in photoshp still… i am not sure about the fringe at the lower dress, in the reference image it was in black and white stripes as well, and i tried it too, but i don’t like it too much… maybe i redo these two fringes in blender, with cloth sim, and may be then stripes will look good… so, here is how far i am, a zbrish screenshot:



freddie – 16

i hope you all had a nice holiday 🙂 … i managed to work more on my game, mostly coding, since i am still very slow with it… but today, i worked on a new enemy, as i want some different way of movement in the game. so, he will come in level 5, i think, and he is not walking but jumping. here is a screenshot within blender, where i had just rigged him, and tried out the weightpaint if it works with the intended poses…


i really like, that due to the game making, i am learning how to work quickly and efficiently. this guy took only 3 hours, sculpting from scratch in zbrush. then i zremeshed thim from 7 mill down to 5000 polygons. then i made polygroups for the uv islands in zbrush, goz to blender to use those polygroups for uv making. and arranged the uvislands to use best space. back to zbrush, i painted the texture, and sculpted detail. here i noticed i have not enough polgones on the head. so, i bring back to blender, selected the face and subdivided this once. yes, this made an ugly border of polygons, but i had chosen this border away from the uv seam, and in an area that will not move in animation. then i brought back this mesh, that now had 7000 polygons, to zbrush, and let zbrush project the details back to this higher mesh… then i finished sculpting detail and texture paining in zbrush, and finally calculated normal map and occlusion map and texture map and back to blender. … all this was only 3 hours 🙂 … then i first tried that the maps and the lowpoly works well in unity, and it does. then i made a rig and skinned it to the mesh, and the image shows one of my tests for the rig 🙂 … and, yes, as you can see there is still some fixing needed with the weightpaint, as the mesh at the neck is stretched in this pose…

freddie – 15

weekend is sculpting time 🙂 so, i created enemy number four for the game… sculpted and textured in zbrush, then zremeshed and brought to blender. there i fixed some issues with the mesh given by zremesher. then i made uvs in blender, and back to zbrush, so that i could export all i needed, obj, texture, normal and ao map. back in blender i adapted the rig from enemy number 3 to fit this one, and altered the walkcycle to reflect more the character of this enemy. and finally i imported it to unity, in an empty scene, just to see how it would look… colors are slightly different, but i think with my game lightning it will look great…


and, since i love arranging the uv tiles, did i mention that already?, here is the result. not much space unused 🙂


i am very happy with this one, since the difference of the zbrush mesh, which had 2.7 mill polygons, and the mesh inside unity, which has only 8000 is hardly noticable 🙂

sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

ah, the other day, i visited one of the blogs i frequently visit, and saw this wonderful drawing by jacob. it inspired me so much, that i just had(!) to sculpt it 🙂 so, i made today holiday from the gamemaking, and instead had 4.5 hours sculpting heaven. it is still wip, meaning the meshes are all dynamesh, and need me remeshed so that i can paint (maybe) and render it propoerly in cycles 🙂


of course, i had to invent the back, but i tried to make it to match the front… i hope you like 🙂

freddie – 06

haha, instead of doing the technical stuff, like trying out the first enemy for freddie in animation and in unity, i sculpted a new enemy today 🙂

this time, i started off from the basemesh of the first enemy, and transformed it into the basic forms of the second one, just by using the move brush, and some smoothing. originally, i thought i could use this basemesh further, but the head had way too few polygons and the edgeflow was not good at all…, so i zremeshed it, and developed it further:


then i painted it in zbrush, and added details to receive the final highpolysculpt:


then i brought it into blender and made some wonderful uv map … i really love figureing out how to place the “puzzle” pieces to make the best of the uvspace 🙂


and as a last step, i goz this model back to zbrush, and projected everything onto it, and then baked texture and normal map, as well as occlusion map…. so, now 2 enemies are ready for skinning and then animation…

freddie – 05

as i was today in sculpting mood, i decided to create the first of the enemies that freddie will meet during the game 🙂

just 5 hours, zbrush fun, and a little help from blender for getting the uv layout nice 🙂 … he also has already a basemesh, with a tad over 5000 polygons, created with zremesher and refined a little with zmodler to get rid of some spiral looops. i will try if that works for animation. if yes, i would be very happy as it would save me the retopo that always takes quite a time of the character creation process…

so, first the steps in finding the character:


and how the final character looks in highpoly zbrush screenshot:


and his nice uv layout 🙂


tomorrow i will bake normalmap and texture map, and try him out in unity, and try to animate him in blender 🙂 i hope you like him, despite he will be an “enemy”… 😉

freddie – 01

this is my first attempt at the main game character for my next game… i have already the idea for the game, how it should work, and what type of game characters i need, and i know which kind of look i want achieve… all this will be developped, and i plan to share a lot 😉 … so, here is the effort of finding the main character in 4 steps,, pity i did not save even earlier versions…


and here is how he looks so far from different angles, his name is freddie, and he might change a lot still…