cyborg woman – 09

ok, here she is… i think finished…



cyborg woman – 08

big changes πŸ™‚ i changed the colorscheme completely (but still can go back to the old one, or even try a different one, since i did this via a rgb curves node in the material), added scratches and dirt, as suggested in the comments by mark πŸ™‚ thank you for that, mark. yes, this is very good for making it read as metal. … i painted the color texture for the skin in zbrush (first time in this project that i used zbrush…). the skin still needs at least a specularity map, as this overall glossy makes it odd. but i paint that next… and, i added lashes, and eyebrow… and trying to fix the composition. might get some tweaks but this is about how i want go with the final… and, then i need add a background, of course… so, still wip, still a lot to do, but getting closer to final now πŸ™‚


cyborg woman – 07

today, i noticed that my nice uv-layout was not working for the cables, as these were still one part with array and curve modifiers. this made a mess when i tried baking ambient occlusion map 😦 … so, i had to rework these 😦 … but i succeded πŸ™‚ and here is a first test with texture for the metal parts… not sure, it looks too much like plastic, it should read as metal…


what do you think? are the colors too dark?

cyborg woman – 05

today i worked mainly on the human part of the cyborg. and i am trying out materials, just with basic colors to see if this is the direction i want to go… kind of procrastinate the uv-process, i guess…lol


the renders reveal that there are some penetrations of meshes i did not notice before…so, good i did this test renders πŸ™‚

cyborg woman – 04

progress is very slow now, but i have the modeling (almost) complete. maybe adding some more screws, and the helmet needs some detail… so, here is a big image so that you can see all the details (please click and then use zoom to enlarge). next will be projecting the sculpted face onto the retopo face, and then making uv’s for all these meshes … she is now 4.5 million polygons, and it wil get even higher when i subdivide the humanside head for projecting… anyway, i hope you like so far. if you see mistakes, like floating things, please let me know, i really start having a hard time seeing all these things as there are so many to look after…


cyborg woman – 03

haha, i really have a talent to pick always the most labourous projects, lol… so, progress is much slower than i thought it would be… here is how far i am, presented with a matcap to show off the surface quality ;-). retopo is mostly done, some holes are still there, but i might leave them open, to show some interior cyborg… and, i started hardening edges, putting in creases. still no smaller details, these will come, hopefully soon ….


cyborg woman – 02

i think the concept sculpt i did yesterday is interesting. so i want develop it further. however, it consists besides the cables already of two dynatopo meshes, each weighing in with more than 900 k polygons. blender is screeming already on this polycount 😦 … it is still possible to sculpt, but patience is needed. not good when i am so excited to push the work further… i already splitted the mesh from one into two to reduce the load on blender, but to be able to really polish the design, and get more tiny details, i need go the route of retopo. the benefit will be, that i also can paint textures then πŸ™‚ that is what i started today. the retopo of the organic part is finished, the machine part is partly done. so, here is how far i am, good old hand retopo πŸ™‚ … zen, zen … πŸ™‚