little princess – 12

and the next one … it is a lot of fun playing with a rigged character 🙂 … please enjoy 🙂


and, since i was in such a playful mood, i made a vintage foto of it in photoshop….



little princess – 09

so here is my little princess, with all hairsystems and everything i wanted, and fully textured (i did this again in substancepainter, works really great with cycles then :-))… and, i rendered the three colorchoices to see how it looks… next will be rigging (oje,oje…) so that i can pose her and finally do the itended fotosession with her 🙂


little princess – 08

the evolution to become a rose … first dynatopo sculpt. then retopo, where the outer petales where done by zremesher, the inner ones done by hand in blender. zremesher just could not do it… then rendered with just material. then painted textur, bump-, roughness- and normal map in substance painter. i have downloaded a demoversion the other day, and thought this project would be a good test ride 🙂 so, here is the rose: