robot design – 07 – more pics

and, as it was requested for closeups, i made two portrait renders and like to share them here too:




robot design – 05

now i have all elements together, and defined the color scheme, or rather the placement for the 4 colors i want use. which 4, that might change in the end, though i like what i have right now … next i want get the robot “glued” to the rig i made, so that i can pose it properly 🙂 might need some reading, how this should work…


robot design – 04

i started to work on the larger details, and making the hard surface look… the subsurf modifier i am using here, for the smoothness, is driving me crazy, lol, since it reacts very strongly (with folds) to some vertex positions… anyway, here is how far i am right now:


robot design – 02

today, i had some great zen like times, while i did the retopo by hand in blender … in some places, you see odd wires, this comes from that i have broken the robot into several solid parts, and they penetrate there, this will be no problem in the final (fingers crossed …lol)… oh, and i omitted the hands, since i plan something else there 😉


robot design – 01

ok, i think, it is time to jump into a new adventure 🙂 to get the rough idea fixed, i first sculpted the basic forms of my robot, and yes, it is a female one 😉 … i sculpted only the basic forms, no details whatsoever. everything else, i planned to do in edit mode…