freddie – 03

i was visiting family for a few days, so i did not had much opportunity to work on my game. but today, i could restart it, and did the final retopo for freddie, and also made him some nice uvs. i have the hairmeshes and the rest in different uv sets. now i am pretty confident that the topology will be good for animation. he is now 4200 polygons, mostly quads, but i allowed a few triangles in hidden places to make things easier… i did add quite a number of edgeloops, since i wanted that the character reads well already without textures, since i believe this will be good in the game… that’s why i surpassed the 4000 polygon barrier… lol




freddie – 02

it is time to share some progress pics,,, among the many things i started for the game (like finding out how to build good shaders in unity (pbr is possible! yippie), finding out how to get a background image, how to build a terrain with trees and everything) i also began the manual retopo for the freddie sculpt. the hair was a nightmare, lol,, also because i wanted have a few strands loose, so that i could animate them when he is walking…. so here is how far i am with the retopo, he has just over 3000 polygons now. of course shoes are missing completely. and i want add a few edgeloops at strategical places to hold some shapes better with the smoothing. but i think i can keep him easily below 3500 in the final… furthermore, i think i need to redo the pants partly, since i guess the topology now is not good for animation, i fear his buttocks flatten when he moves, the way the polygons are right now…


and a first prototype of the platforms, the game needs… wood texture is handpainted in photoshop. this is a screenshot from unity, material is a pbr shader πŸ™‚ looks already decent in editor window, and great in gameview πŸ™‚


baby dragon – 15

the dog model is ready for animation πŸ™‚ … i first did a retopo by hand in blender, for optimal control over the mesh. it has 1600 quads:


then i made nice uvs in blender:


and then brought the model to zbrush, sculpted the highpoly details, made normal map and painted a texture map… i then tested the model in unity. it looks too pale there, so i need fix that, somehow, but otherwise i am happy how it comes into unity… and, yes, here as with the dragon i opted for subdividing the mesh once, so it has now a tad over 6000 quads in unity… if it turns out to be too heavy for the game, i also prepared a 1600 faces model, i could use then instead…


next will be fun of animation πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

baby dragon – 02

good old hand retopo in blender πŸ™‚ … zen … πŸ™‚


after aplying the mirror modifier he has now 2200 polygons, so i have still a lot of polygons free to use.
and, i will need them

  • the inside of mouth is not done yet. of course he will need teeth and toungue!
  • the eyes are missing (i closed the lid here in retopo, for that i can paint the upperlid better, and for that i have enough polygons for a closed eyes pose),
  • and i need to put more polygons at the joints, to get the mesh more friendly for bending.

but i am happy about how much of the little character comes across already with these few polygons πŸ™‚

cyborg woman – 04

progress is very slow now, but i have the modeling (almost) complete. maybe adding some more screws, and the helmet needs some detail… so, here is a big image so that you can see all the details (please click and then use zoom to enlarge). next will be projecting the sculpted face onto the retopo face, and then making uv’s for all these meshes … she is now 4.5 million polygons, and it wil get even higher when i subdivide the humanside head for projecting… anyway, i hope you like so far. if you see mistakes, like floating things, please let me know, i really start having a hard time seeing all these things as there are so many to look after…


cyborg woman – 03

haha, i really have a talent to pick always the most labourous projects, lol… so, progress is much slower than i thought it would be… here is how far i am, presented with a matcap to show off the surface quality ;-). retopo is mostly done, some holes are still there, but i might leave them open, to show some interior cyborg… and, i started hardening edges, putting in creases. still no smaller details, these will come, hopefully soon ….