cycles and sss

as you prebably noticed, my renderer of choice is cycles… it is a renderer that still is in its babyshoes so to speak, and one feature it lacks is subsurface scattering… it will come eventually, but til then all we cycles enthusiasts are trying to get the sss effect “by hand”,,, tonight, i tried an idea i had to get sss in cycles… here is the result, skin with plain color material, no texture map for the test… not too bad, i think, decent textures could make it look real…


baby jo – 3

tonight, i worked mainly on finding a good lightning. this is the base, needs still tweaking… oh, the hair is just a stand in, it will change a lot (hopefully 😉 )


i was pretty annoyed with one of my weaknesses when painting in photoshop, namely rendering. my renderings always had muddy values (and/or colors). it looks ugly, and makes the shapes difficult to read… . so, i decided to buy a tutorial from matt kohr which addressed exactely this point. i had watched a lot of his free tutorials and liked how he addresses things, short and to the point, and also it thought i would be nice this way to pay him for all the free tuition i had from his site so far … and, thus, i bought his tutorial about basic rendering and it is great ! my first try was painting this vase, after i watched matt kohr’s tutorial. … even though, my result is not as good as the one he created in that video, i am happy about the improvement i made just in this single painting 🙂 no muddy values, everything reads well 🙂 thank you matt kohr (in case you ever read this ;-))