portrait of tom schilling – 02

and, here is the final sculpt. … i think, i will need to study sculpting likenesses more, since every person i asked said my sculpt looks like dicapricio. and, i agree, the hairdo, and the tiny beard, makes one think first of him, and their structure of face is similar too… and, as he is a young german actor, he might not be well known all around the world even though he has won already some prestigious prizes… anyway, i hope you enjoy my attempt of portrait. this time everything done in zbrush, everything is sculpted no bumpmaps, and then i rendered the 15 mill polygons in cycles…



portrait of johnny depp as jack sparrow – 10 – final

i made it 🙂 … or another way to look at it: i declare this project finished 😉

as you can see, i have thrown away the 2 days work on the corroded copper shader. it just did not feel right… and, since this was frustrating, i went in and improved a lot in the sculpt, for example his blouse, the vest, the belts, and some more… without the ship the scene is 10 million polygons heavy… lol… not easy on the mac, but i had good management, and so it went all smoothly. the meshes are mostly still dynatopo, most of them around 300k, but some go as high as 1 mill… so, i hope you enjoy my portrait of johnny depp as jack sparrow…


portrait of angela merkel – 03

i decided to go the long way, and try to make a realistic portrait, instead of a claysculpture… so, i brought her into zbrush, refined the sculpts and zremeshed, back in blender i made the uvs. again back to zbrush for normal map creation and painting textures, namely color, sss, cavity, and roughness maps… this is where i am now, yes she looks scary without hair, but that will come soon 😉 portrait_04_angela_merkel

portrait of … ? – 01

i feeled like doing a portrait again. and, since i know that some of my readers enjoy guessing who this might be, i will reveal the identity only in a later post 🙂 ths time, i am sure all of you have at least heard from this person 😉 about 3 hours dynatopo sculpting in here, very rough, and lots of things to fix of course…


happy guessing!