fauraut study _ 02

finally managed to finish this study…



a “test-lady”

as i mentioned earlier in my blog, the new blender 2.70 has lots of problems with imacs that have i7 processors, as mine has. now lately two developpers tried to find what is going wrong, and i tested quite a number of versions,,, finally i got one, stripped of most of the new goodies, and to test it, i made this faraut inspired lady, a “test-lady” so to say,,, which i sculpted up to a quite high polycount, what i usually not do,,, but this version behaves now well again on my mac… :-), so i guess they found the culprit in the code, and i can hope to soon receive a new blender 2.70 with all jingle bells the others can enjoy already 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 21.59.05

working with planes-02

well it was quite interesting this approach,,, one very good point of this method is, that it lets you see the relationship of the planes very clearly… but i think it is not meant for me, as i had a really hard time to get from the straight planes to the correct forms. i found it is not just “rounding the sharp corners” … and when i did more i lost the base of the planes… lol… i tried to match the reference fotos as good as i can, but i am aware i am off… if you have the book by fauraut, you can check. i cannot post the images, because of copyright of course…


working with planes-01

this is a study, following philippe farauts suggestion to study planes of the head to achieve likeness in portraits. i used the pictures from farauts first portrait book as reference, where he explains about this method. the goal with this exercise is, of course, to be able to achieve greater likeness in my portraits… so, this looks rather technical i am afraid …