peter – 03

tonight, i finished off the sculpt… as you can see, i changed the proportions quite a bit, since i only tonight noticed how far off i was (i wanted really make a portrait of the young man peter rubino was sculpting) … and, had an enjoyable time rendering with cycles 🙂


peter – 01

taking a break from the anatomical studies, to do a portrait… first step is trying to get the big shapes correct (i am working with reference fotos from the book of peter rubino, sculpting a head in clay)

anatomical study of the head – 2

wow, this was quite an eyeopener 🙂 i did understand some things i never was aware of, and despite this mesh still has just 40 000 polygons, i think one can see the difference it makes when doing the anatomy correct (or better at least … lol) … i am showing the basemesh too, as it supports my idea that a clean topology helps in modeling…

yes, the burne hogarth influence that was cleary seen on the first post, is now replaced more by influence of peter rubino, though i did not change the big proportions… and, yes, the lips are inspired by michelangelo 🙂

anatomical study of the head – 1

despite i have created already a lot of portraits, i still feel my knowledge of anatomy is not good enough… so, tonight i started to study it more closely. i am using burne hogarth, and peter rubino as guide, as they both show anatomical aspects in detail… here is what i have so far, not meant to be someone specific, but only for study…