little princess – 13

… and this one is for greg πŸ™‚ … i hope you will like it … setting scene in blender, rendered with cycles, painting effect done with photoshop…




i was pretty annoyed with one of my weaknesses when painting in photoshop, namely rendering. my renderings always had muddy values (and/or colors). it looks ugly, and makes the shapes difficult to read… . so, i decided to buy a tutorial from matt kohr which addressed exactely this point. i had watched a lot of his free tutorials and liked how he addresses things, short and to the point, and also it thought i would be nice this way to pay him for all the free tuition i had from his site so far … and, thus, i bought his tutorial about basic rendering and it is great ! my first try was painting this vase, after i watched matt kohr’s tutorial. … even though, my result is not as good as the one he created in that video, i am happy about the improvement i made just in this single painting πŸ™‚ no muddy values, everything reads well πŸ™‚ thank you matt kohr (in case you ever read this ;-))