haeckelโ€™s artforms of nature โ€“ 06

today, i did two flower like forms, since each was not so difficult as all the last ones… this project is great to experiment with different techniques ๐Ÿ™‚



haeckelโ€™s artforms of nature โ€“ 04

this coral like structure i made completely in blender. this time most of it is modeled. that is i modeled and textured a few cylindrical pieces, and kitbashed then the whole together using curve modifiers alot to bend and scale the straight cylinders into shape.

the bump i made by creating the pattern via curves- and array-modifier, disturbed by a lattice-modifer, and then rendered with an orthographic camera depth, ao, and normal map of this. this way i got a texture i could use to drive the bumps in the cylindrical shape, which this time were unwrapped with the follow activ quad method, so that the square lines of the bumps follow the forms…


i am not sure this one is working together with the previous ones, as due to the modeling, it lacks the sculptural feel…

cyborg woman โ€“ 04

progress is very slow now, but i have the modeling (almost) complete. maybe adding some more screws, and the helmet needs some detail… so, here is a big image so that you can see all the details (please click and then use zoom to enlarge). next will be projecting the sculpted face onto the retopo face, and then making uv’s for all these meshes … she is now 4.5 million polygons, and it wil get even higher when i subdivide the humanside head for projecting… anyway, i hope you like so far. if you see mistakes, like floating things, please let me know, i really start having a hard time seeing all these things as there are so many to look after…


myst island โ€“ 06

all the modeling is complete. and all trees are planted… the scene has now 196 different objects, and it becomes apparent how clumsy blenders outliner is to handle such huge amount of objects,,sigh (not that this would be any easier in zbrush, though).. it would be nice if one could do folders of objects without parenting them to something … not sure if i want texture the whole thing, as it would cost another week of work at least… anyway, i hope you enjoy so far. i plan to make more renders, more like “in game” shots from certain locations to show them off. as it is now, you can hardly see all the tiny details i have modeled…

so for today, here are 3 cycles renders of the completed myst island.




little princess โ€“ 03

today i worked on her clothes. made a lot of experiments, to find out how i can achieve the effect i want… (the render has only a few samples,,,,)


hmmm, my original plan was to create her in this neutral pose, then make a rig so that i can pose her in many ways and make a “big fotoshooting” with her… but, now looking at her clothes (and this is just a start), and thinking of the hairdo i want create, i feel quite unsure if i can make a rig that poses her well… sigh… maybe it will be just one pose in the end…