figure challenge – 04b

a good friend at ba forum gave me some wonderful critique on david, so i wanted push this sculpture further (leaving the challenge path, but i will go back!)… so here is michelangelo’s david, again. i hope you like the changes too 🙂



portrait week – day 1 : michelangelo’s moses

as my “blender week” was such a great tool for really learning blender, i am doing now a “portrait week”. so, each day i pick a person or statue and try to create it in 3d. only one night is allowed for each portrait, goal is to achieve likeness quickly. nice topoplogy or such is not the goal… so, in a sense, these are 3d-sketches, meant to improve on seeing what makes good portraits…

here is the effort of today, michelangelo’s moses, created in blender using dynatopo, rendered with cycles :

anatomical study of the head – 2

wow, this was quite an eyeopener 🙂 i did understand some things i never was aware of, and despite this mesh still has just 40 000 polygons, i think one can see the difference it makes when doing the anatomy correct (or better at least … lol) … i am showing the basemesh too, as it supports my idea that a clean topology helps in modeling…

yes, the burne hogarth influence that was cleary seen on the first post, is now replaced more by influence of peter rubino, though i did not change the big proportions… and, yes, the lips are inspired by michelangelo 🙂