jack – again

i really liked the portrait of jack, but i did not like that i rendered it as marble bust, while the sculpting does not “support” this material. in fact, the raw sculpt looks more like clay than stone. so, i decided to work over the sculpt, and bring it to a state where it would look like a stone carving, even without material. the edges now catch highlights, and the lines are sharp, as they would be when cut with a chisel… hehe, these “minor” changes took twice as long as the previous version of the sculpt took me on weekend… lol .. here is the final render

and here is how he looks within zbrush:



felix mendelssohn bartholdy – continued – 03

oh, well i thought the modeling was finished yesterday, but when i tried to render it with a marble shader, it looked all wonky… so, today, i refeined again the whole bust, sharpened lines, emphasized details, generally carved deeper. all this in blender… and then i fiddled long time to get the shader just right… rendered alot of passes in blender, composite then in photoshop…


sad woman – finished

geez, this was a difficult project! but i am glad i finished, and she turned out as i wished. so, this is a marble shader created with the new sss function in blender. and, i made a retopo of the mesh, and sculpted the details via a multires… a little postwork in photoshop (level adjustment and a very slight sepia effect)