wolly mammoth – 07

ok, here a new fur for one of the mammoth,, tried to remove the “willow tree” look while keeping at my idea as well… how comes this?



wolly mammoth – 04

more than half a month without a post 😦 … but finally i managed to work on the mammoth 🙂

i first tried to pose the high poly mammoth in zbrush, but this did not work, transpose master refused to carry the pose from the lowpoly to the high poly… so, back to blender, and i built an armature. and i made a quick test pose, just to see, if the displacement map works on the posed mammoth too… looks pretty good to me,,, and, yes, the head is separate, the visible seam will be covered with the mammoth hair later 😉


wolly mammoth – 03

i have made nice uv’s for the mammoth in blender, and put multires and cleaned up the sculpt somewhat. but, i really did not like the brushes for detailing, and the performance, so i brought it to zbrush. made the uv islands to polygroups, so that i can easily hide parts of the mesh, and started detailing. the mammoth weighs now 6 mill polygons, no problem for zbrush, gladly. and, i had spent the sunday afternoon, to figure out how i would get such a beast back to blender. learned finally how to create displacement and normal maps properly (the goblender thingy crashes always on my mac, so i need do it by hand), and that zbrush actually does tell which number to put in the strength input of the displacement modifier… so, i can later bring all back to blender, put an armature and make poses and a pretty scene … 🙂


wolly mammoth – 02

today you get the rare chance to see a mammoth from underneath..lol… made a full hand retopo in blender, actually it was quite fast, as the blender basic tools for that are very good already. except the tight area at the ear, that needed a lot of time, mainly because it was hard to see there what i was doing… so, ready for multires sculpting now…


wolly mammoth – 01

i studied a scan of the skeleton a wolly mammoth, that was shared by the smithonian museum, and thought it would be interesting to try to recreate the animal from it. so, here is the first sketch of it, sculpted in blenders dynatopo. i first had the feet different, more like on a trex, since the bones are similar, but then i researched more, and saw from the findings in ice one knows the feet were similar to elefant feet. so i went for these too…