still life

the goal with this little project was to repeat what i have learned yesterday in blender, and push it further a little. used for the first time the sculpting tools on blender (on the apples), fun 🙂 … all done in blender, rendered in cycles…i really love this render engine, i would have to work ages to get a similar result in zbrush. in blender, it just takes me a few minutes to set up materials and lights, and then some more minutes to finetune to complete liking …


duke – 7

today, i worked on two things. for one i fixed the uv-coordinates error in the jacket, and then i did the lightning of the scene… this was complicated, as my machine slows down so much when doing test renders on the highpolyscene (the culprit is the hairmesh of course ;-)) … so, i rebuild it using low poly stand ins, and made the light set up. once i am comletely satisfied with it, i can import it to the highpolyscene and do the final render… so, here is it, i might tweak it a little, but the essential rig is there :