figure challenge – 07f

and, an edge render of diana (color addd in photoshop), i was curious to see how it would look…



edge renders

while this feature of edge render is no longer in the latest versions of blender, i was challenged at ba-forum to try it… so i used an older blender version (good that i keep everything) and made my very first blender internal renders πŸ™‚ enjoy!




the first is pure edge render, the last two were rendered the same way and then got a photoshop treatment…

vivien _ 01

alphonse mucha is one of my favourite artists, and i always wanted to see how his wonderful illustrations translate into 3d. so, i had carved a panel from wood and also a relief from wood (more detail images on my homepage), but never tried digital… so it was the time for it πŸ™‚ here is the start, blocking out the composition. the woman was sculpted in dynatopo in t-pose, then zremeshed, and in blender with an armature put into pose. then i sculpted from a cube with dynatopo a rough sketch of the dress, and with a few polygons the book… more items to come, and then the refinement fun will begin, with flowers and all jingle bells πŸ™‚ here a screenshot from the workspace… i am excited to see how it will look in the end πŸ™‚