iguana iguana -05

finished 🙂 rendered in cycles, of course, and composition and postwork in photoshop… i hope you enjoy



iguana iguana -04

i have started to paint the texture maps in zbrush. this is fun, though i feel unsure working with colors. but, i use, as always a reference foto to guide me… if i get it right, he will be a beautiful guy in the end 🙂


iguana iguana -01

… and now for something completely different 🙂 … i was tired of doing the portraits, so i thought i sculpt something new for me. i choose to portrait an iguana iguana. found some beautiful reference fotos. i will take some liberties in combining several fotos from different animals (but all are iguana iguana), but hope to catch the typical of these beautiful animals… here is the humble start, all dynatopo except the spikes…