pippi langstrumpf aka pippi longstocking – 05

of course i had to add pippi’s horse old man πŸ™‚ … now the sculpting is almost finished, and i need to think how i get these 15 million polygons into blender for rendering… this will be interesting …lol…



robot horse – 03

and here is the final,,, i am not sure it really reads as metallic, but hey its so different from portraits, so i am happy with the outcome…


and, since i had not seen it done this way, here is how i made the shadow of the horse on the floor (which is a background image), there is actually a floor plane, with a very special material set up πŸ™‚ like so:


horses of the sun – revisited – 01

after a lot of portrait wor and doodling, i decided to pick up this big project again. in its size its frightning … lol… but i want try to bring it to a decent finish…

so, i began with the basemesh for the stallion, made a multires of it, and shrinkwrapped it onto the dynatopo. this was quite a nightmare, as the shrinkwrap produced a lot of spikes… but i was patient, corrected all this nonsense, and was ready to refine the sculpt. this is how far i am now, the mesh is still relatively lowpoly with less than 400 000 faces (for my portraits i go well over 2 millions…)