little princess – 12

and the next one … it is a lot of fun playing with a rigged character 🙂 … please enjoy 🙂


and, since i was in such a playful mood, i made a vintage foto of it in photoshop….



little princess – 11

first, let me thank you all who participated in the poll. i am glad that you confirmed my feeling that white is the best choice. so thank you!

and, here she is, in the first pose… there were quite a lot technical difficulties, and i am not completely happy, but i decided to try the next pose instead of struggling with the tech issues. …


little princess – 09

so here is my little princess, with all hairsystems and everything i wanted, and fully textured (i did this again in substancepainter, works really great with cycles then :-))… and, i rendered the three colorchoices to see how it looks… next will be rigging (oje,oje…) so that i can pose her and finally do the itended fotosession with her 🙂


little princess – 07

… and the promised back view 🙂 please excuse the fireflies, but as this hair mass renders already quite slow i did not want to repeat this testrender. in the final renders will be no fireflies, so you can enjoy better…


it is a pity blender does not allow masking on the hair particles, it would make combing much easier… and to give you really an idea of her hairdo, i added a testrender for sideview too (which reveals i need add a few strands on the front…)


i like her hair now, but if you, my dear readers, see something that you find could be changed for the better, please tell me in the comments… many eyes see more than just two 😉

little princess – 05

today, i have sculpted her hands, and shoes, and made a manual retopo in blender to join body hands and shoes. … maybe this work was not necessary, but i am still playing with the idea of make her dress slightly transparent at the arms, so i would need a body underneath and not hust hands… and, anyway, i love the zen feeling when doing retopo 🙂 … i tried to place the loops so that the mesh will deform nicely, we will see how this works then when i actually do pose her… so, here the basemesh i did today:


i think it is coming together now 🙂 still lots to do, but i am getting more excited to actually see her !!!

little princess – 01

i started a new project, in which i want built upon the workflow i had established for the young lady, since that worked so well 🙂 … so, here is the first step, i roughed out head and body of my little princess. all is very rough still. the body, of course, will be covered by her dress, but still i wanted to sculpt it underneath, so that i can know proportions and curves i need to consider on the “outside”… blenders dynatopo, of course 😉


girl – finished

this project was fun, and i am quite happy with the feeling, the emotion the final image evokes. part of it came with the spia like coloring i did, produced by several render passes that were then composed with different layerstyles in photoshop…

first image is the final modeling, just before detailing..

and the final image, i hope you enjoy …