wolly mammoth – 07

ok, here a new fur for one of the mammoth,, tried to remove the “willow tree” look while keeping at my idea as well… how comes this?



duke – 5

playing with the hair in zbrush is really addictive 🙂 so much fun, here are some of the many hairdo i did :

but i think, i will settle on one of the two following. both are still very rough and need refinement. the last is closest to what i originally wanted, but as i like the otherone too, i am not yet decided which one to pick…

duke – 4

after some desastrous experiments with the new fur in zbrush, i try now a more organised approach. and, as doing a defined hairstyle is much harder than putting some random fur on a head, i will (also for myself) write down here the essential steps, as they might be useful for someone who is pulling his hair out in despair over the many fur settings in zbrush 🙂

and, as i plan to do the final render in cycles, i have the additional complication that i need ensure my hair-model renders nicely in cycles… so, i started with this first : i experimented a lot to find width and length settings that render about the same in cycles and zbrush, so that i can know later when doing elaborate hair in zbrush that it will (!) render same (or at least very similar) in cycles… here is the result of the many tests. both rendered with basic settings and material, left zbrush, right cycles…

i am pretty happy with this translation, so i know now the basic settings to use…

the next thing is, that my playing around with fur showed me that using the different groombrushes in zbrush is very hard when too many hair is there. so i need some control over which hairs are effected by the brush. for that i made many polygroups on the head.

and when i make the hair, it receives those groups as well. in the brush setting i enable “mask by polygroups”. after that, when i use a groombrush, it effects only the polygroup of hair which i touched first. so, in effect i can shape the strands separately… here is a crazy result of that testing showing how nicely one can use the colored groups of hair … (for exporting that hairtool to blender, it is important to disable “groups” in the export-setting of the hairtool, otherwise one ends up with so many hairmodels in blender that it is nearly impossible to work with them…)

ok, preparation is done. now the task is to actually create the hair… 🙂