ballerina – 04

so, here is my ballerina finished… i fiddled long time with the lightning, “painting with light” was like it felt. compositing in photoshop. i hope you like the result 🙂




ballerina – 03

in the times where we have automatic retopology tools like the zremesher, it sounds crazy to do retopo by hand… but this is what i did… why? because this balerina has long limbs, and the zremesher creates long spiralloops of edges around these limbs. most of the time the zremeshed mesh has a single edgeloop along the whole limb… and would i sculpt further in zbrush, that would be no issue, but blenders multires cannot cope with these spiral loops. and as i prefer sculpting in blender over sculpting in zbrush (despite the annoying blender i did the manual retopo.

then the shrinkwrap modifier needed shrink the new mesh onto the sculpt… oh, my the skirt was a nightmare (that is why the basemesh is already relatively highpoly, to get at least a somewhat decent result… and the shrinkwrap on the fingers was same nightmare. i had go in babysteps, and always correct the actions of the shrinkwrap modifier, upto the highes multires level (which is 3 in the moment, from here i will sculpt now)…