memories: fiat 500 – wireframes

and here the requested wireframes of the car…





memories: fiat 500 – 04

so, this was really tedious, but i made it 🙂 … some of the parts i built 7 times to get the right… lol… the good thing is, now i feel i have really learned how to model in blender… so, here is the beauty, with just materials applied, but no textures . i am not sure i will go texture it, as my objective was to learn to model… anyhow … front and back view… (please click to see full size)



memories: fiat 500 – 03

i think i have the big forms of the car nailed, and pretty smooth flowing curves as they should be… so, i started adding detail, and made a first test render… and, i see that glass lets look inside the car… lol …meaning i need to model the inside too …i had not considered that in the beginning,,lol… so here is how it looks now, the color is subject to change, i just wanted try to create a decent car shader…


memories: fiat 500 – 01

so far, i have mainly sculpted with blender, however blender has very good modeling tools. so i thought why not expand my skills, and learn these properly. for a topic i chose a car, since that is one topic i see on blender forum a lot, and is suitable for modeling. … and, since i am no car person, i choose the only car to which i have fond memories, and that is the fiat 500, which my pa became proud owner when i was 4… so, here are my humble modeling beginnings… it will take a while, since i am finding my way through the many modeling problems along the way that you never have in sculpting, as for example “how to scale a set of polygons a long a chosen normal??” … lol…