myst island – 07

as promised, here are the first three renders showing myst island from inside. i added the grass, and pushed a few trees and pillars lower down a little, as the first test renders revealed some of them were floating midair … lol… more renders to come πŸ™‚





robot horse – 03

and here is the final,,, i am not sure it really reads as metallic, but hey its so different from portraits, so i am happy with the outcome…


and, since i had not seen it done this way, here is how i made the shadow of the horse on the floor (which is a background image), there is actually a floor plane, with a very special material set up πŸ™‚ like so:


a creature for liam – 8

so,,, i think zbrush is saying to me “this is the final” , as its hard to move on, since zbrush keeps crashing on me when i try to add more leaves. its not that high poly so, i don’t know what is going wrong, maybe the new zbrush is more buggy than the last ?…
anyway, here is the spy…yd, in his favourite tree, though with not so many leaves as i intended to do…

what do you think, liam ? is it somewhere close to what you imagined ? i hope you like it, and i hope you enjoyed the journey…

a creature for liam – 7

the modeling is almost done now, still need to clean up some areas which messed a little from posing… then, making the tree a sycamore, and paint the spy…yd πŸ™‚ … as they are so small, i thought they would have probably some sort of protection, that makes it harder for enemies to eat them,,, (can take it away again, if you don’t like it liam, but i thought it enhances them)