jack – again

i really liked the portrait of jack, but i did not like that i rendered it as marble bust, while the sculpting does not “support” this material. in fact, the raw sculpt looks more like clay than stone. so, i decided to work over the sculpt, and bring it to a state where it would look like a stone carving, even without material. the edges now catch highlights, and the lines are sharp, as they would be when cut with a chisel… hehe, these “minor” changes took twice as long as the previous version of the sculpt took me on weekend… lol .. here is the final render

and here is how he looks within zbrush:



weekend fun sculpt

with this sculpt, my idea was to try to get the complete sculpt done with at most 200 000 polygons… and i did 🙂 it has 194 000. admittedly, it is still rough in places, because not enough polygons, but the essential is in, and could be turned into a finished work easily … enjoy, portrait of jack:


portrait challenge – 18

finally … this is a portrait of mario goetze, as the others a player in the german national football team…


so far, it was the hardest portrait. and, i believe it shows. i am not really happy with it, but on the otherhand, i did what i could and now am stuck. so, i decided to declare it finished, move on and try learn from it… and a few more views…


portrait challenge – 12

here is number six finished, thomas mueller, also a german national footballteam player.


i tried my best with the likeness, but if you look at the google fotos, you can see how very much different he looks on many images. so, my strategy was to pick only very few, that looks most similar, and use them as reference… i am not sure how i could else proceed, to get good likeness when i not can have the person sitting here so that i can see him life. if you have suggestions, i would love to hear them in the comments… and, again, more views to better see the sculpting:


on the plus side: i seem to better understand how to sculpt young male faces. they are similar to female faces, in the sense that they are softer. of course, the bony structure is usually stronger than in women, but the skin looks soft…