greek female portrait bust

inspired by a greek sculpture, but then got a “modern” twist…



horses of the sun – 02

tonight i worked more on the pose of the stallion, it now fits better into the content (though dear reader you can see that only a little later when i reveal more parts)… and, i “baroque-ified” the horse somewhat πŸ™‚


portrait week – day 1 : michelangelo’s moses

as my “blender week” was such a great tool for really learning blender, i am doing now a “portrait week”. so, each day i pick a person or statue and try to create it in 3d. only one night is allowed for each portrait, goal is to achieve likeness quickly. nice topoplogy or such is not the goal… so, in a sense, these are 3d-sketches, meant to improve on seeing what makes good portraits…

here is the effort of today, michelangelo’s moses, created in blender using dynatopo, rendered with cycles :

blender week – day 8

today i spent first part of the day in creating a material, i want to look it like stone, marble if possible,,, it should look like a marble bust in the end … then, i worked on the mesh, and somehow accidentially rotated the object axis,,,geez that was a mess, as nothing worked as expected anymore… took me quite a while to figure out was what was wrong, asked in bledner forum for advise … after rotating the axis back to normal, i finally was able to work again on the mesh… so, thats how far i am, still wip !