another male sculpt … 6

i received some good advise how to improve my render, by using colorramps to improve the crispness of the render… so, here again same sculpt, quite different cycles render…


another male sculpt … 5

never say “final” … the displacement map in the last render bothered me, so i made a new render without it … that is, i let cycles render the high poly model,,,eeeks, my machine screamed, but did render faithfully 🙂 … so here is, a much better render,”hommage to cicero d’avila”

another male sculpt…2

tonight, i tried out the new qremesher in zbrush, wow, that is a great retopology tool. needed only a few minutes, to get a good topology with nice edgeloops where i need them. then worked on refining the head. a little tweaking here and there still necessary, and then i want make some clothes, so i can create a nice “portrait shot” 🙂