chimpanzee – 06

and, here she is,,,suzanne 😉 … i hope you like her 🙂


(please click for full size view)


chimpanzee – 05

this time i worked on the texture and bump map, created a specmap and an sss color and alpha map and added a few hairsystems… need to check the lightning, it seems i have messed it up a little… still work to do


chimpanzee – 02

since i want push this chimpanzee towards “real”, i need nice topology. so i did a retopo by hand. even though, zremesher is much faster, i like the zen when doing retopo, it is very soothing 🙂 and, it is actually not that much work either, since blender has good tools for a simple retopo like a bust…


chimpanzee – 01

as i enjoyed the dog sculpt (as well as the deer in the diana sculpt) so much, i wanted try a chimpanzee now. so far, have roughed out the main forms. this was quite interesting, as chimapnzee anatomy is similar to human anatomy, but then the proportions are very different. i used skull fotos along chimpanzee portraitfotos to get it (hopefully) right… 3 hours work in this one now…