horses of the sun – revisited – 03

so, here he is, after some more detail sculpting, texturing in zbrush, and then rendering in cycles. finding the way to present him, took me a whole day … lol… i hope you enjoy… (please click for full resolution)



baroque sculpture – 01

i started a new project to apply what i learned about armature in blender… this is based on a baroque sculpture, san bruno by pereira, and i use this beautiful sculpture as a guide, though i will not try to really replicate it… so far, i have the basemesh posed via a selfmade armature in blender (of course this is still very rough and needs refinement), and put in the first basemesh for cloth…


alien dude

this dude was made to find a workflow to create posed figures in blender… i made a basemesh with the skinmodifier, then sculpted it in dynatopo, then posed it using the armature that is automatically given by the skinmodifier. then brought the beauty to zbrush to clean up the mesh, qremeshed, uv and painted. then exported back to blender for rendering with cycles and composing in blender… (i did not spent too much time on refining, as this was a test only…)


anatomy study – 3

i created uv-coordinates, and applied a subdivision modifier of step 2 (only). made him look quite some years younger! 🙂 … did not do any further modeling, so this is just the 800 polygon basemesh with subsurf modifier slapped on. shows “good topology goes a long way” and is worth the extra effort…


cyclops – wip

this cyclops started in blender, made the base mesh there and started defining the big shapes in dynatopo. i originally wanted to enter the challenge on cyclops, but then i exported to zbrush, and using dynamesh refined more, and maybe that made it now longer good for the challenge… but, as i like the idea of doing a cyclops, i continue and have fun … still in the stage of blocking in the forms, …