portrait of angela merkel – 05 – finished

so, here is my portrait of angela merkel. as you can see, i decided differently on her jacket. i added more hairsystems, to get the “tamed” randomness of stray hairs. i also added an armature to pose her, i know it is just a bit away from the original stiff pose, but to me it added to the image… finally after rendering in cycles, i did a slight postprocessing in photoshop, mainly color correction, vignette and signature.


it was fun to try to do a portrait in a realistic way, opposed to the clay or marble portraits i am used to do. it turned out, not surprisingly though, that it is much harder. one problem was to get hair and skin colors right, as i have not seen angela merkel in person, and for example hair color looks very different on different fotos. i understand that it also is influenced by the lightning condition in which the foto was taken. so, i hope, my choices are ok. and i hope you like my attempt.


portrait of angela merkel – 04

the first pass on defining and combing the hair is done… she carries now 5 hairsystems to define the general haircut. i need comb it a little more in same places still. and i need add at least one other hairsystem to get the “stray” hairs, so that the hairdo does not look that much like a helmet as it does now… and, then i need adding hairsystems for brows and lashes too…


i might increase the children number too, but it already renders awfully slow, so if necessary i will do that only for the final renders… and, as it is so amazing how bad the viewport presentation in blender is, i add the following screenshot: the left side shows all the hairsystems in object mode with a good part of the childrens enabled. the right side when editing the black (!) one in particle mode, all childrens turned off, since otherwise it would be just one complete black mass… sigh… can you imagine how it is combing angela merkel in complete darkness…lol..


this is something in blender which i often regret. blender has wonderful tools, with lots of control, but blender is not artist friendly. maybe i miss something, but i have never found a way to comb hair in blender and see it while i comb…lol.. so, my way is, combing a little, switch ot object mode and see what i have done. maybe do a quick test render to really see how the hair falls… tedious…
after so much lamenting,,, i still prefer blenders hair system way over zbrush fibers….

portrait of angela merkel – 03

i decided to go the long way, and try to make a realistic portrait, instead of a claysculpture… so, i brought her into zbrush, refined the sculpts and zremeshed, back in blender i made the uvs. again back to zbrush for normal map creation and painting textures, namely color, sss, cavity, and roughness maps… this is where i am now, yes she looks scary without hair, but that will come soon 😉 portrait_04_angela_merkel

portrait of angela merkel – 02

as i had revealed in the comments, this will become a portrait of angela merkel. today i finished the dynatopo work of roughing out all parts. the colors are just that i could see better while sculpting if the meshes intersect, so it does not mean anything for the final, i have not yet decided on a colorscheme… she is now ready for retopo, and then sculpting more closely to get better likeness…