anatomy study: body in motion – 02

today i finished the sculpting, and made a render with cycles… and, even though i had checked the sculpt often, i only saw after rendering some little flaws 😦 … well, i think, i call it done nevertheless, and keep the flaws in mind to not do them next time again… i hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


and, i like to share the essential steps that lead to this sculpt, may be it is interesting and informative for some πŸ™‚


(please click the images, they are bigger than appear in blog)


anatomy study: body in motion – 01

here is a sneak peak of what i am working on right now. still doing my anatomy studies. and i was thinking it is best to learn these while the body is in motion. i found a beautiful reference image that i use as a basis, unfortunuately the image shows just one view, so i have to apply what i know, resp use other resources to fill in the gaps… for the head i did a portrait of wade. as with the previous study, i sculpt the parts separately, and will combine in the final…

so, here is a wip image of wade exercising martial arts:


anatomy study – full figure

going on with the anatomy study, and trying not to “glue” to closely to the reference… this is hard… the first one turned out so bad, i do not want to show ;-). for the second one, i allowed myself to use the reference a little more, and this seems to work. this is how far i am (about 4 hours work in him):


as you can see, i am sculpting in parts. that made posing easier, and also sculpting the arms, say, close to the body. at some point, i need however join the meshes, to be able to sculpt the transitions cleanly…

anatomy studies

to get back into sculpting, i did a few torso studies. they are meant just as studies, so they are only roughly sculpted. my goal is to learn to sculpt more freely, meaning not to “copy” so closely the reference material as i usually do ,,, each about 2 hours, done in the shown order…. there is still a lot room for improvement…




anatomy study – 04 (skin)

today i finished the project, and can now reveal the surprise :

since i am learning so much from you my dear blog readers, when you give helpful comments, and since i learn so much from helpful ba forum, and since i love blender as a sculpting tool, i decided that i want give back to you my dear readers and to the whole blender community. so, i made a tool to study human head anatomy, to help those who want sculpt or model human heads with learning proportions and those muscles of the face that affect the surface. … so i made a blend file to share. it contains

– in layer 1 a male skull as a multires mesh with nice low poly basemesh, the jaw is extra object and can be rotated, in case you want sculpt an open mouth. (sculpted from reference fotos, so it is in real world proportions), i corrected some errors i found since the first post of this mesh.
– the muscle system in layer 2, the ring muscle around the eyes is sculpted in two versions, one with eyes open, the other with eyes closed. the muscles are named properly so you can look them up in anatomy books if interested.
– nose, ears and eyes in layer 3.

i made the models as accurate as possible, but i am aware that still there might be some flaws as i am no super expert but average anatomy knowledge person. but, i used reference fotos for everything, so it should be close to the real thing…

the image below shows pictures of this content of the blendfile, plus a sketch sculpt to suggest a way to use this blendfile to learn sculpting heads in correct proportions etc:

add a cube, subdivide a few times and jump into dynatopo sculpt. use constant and a large detail size (around 40%) and approximate the skull. then put detail size to about half, and approximate closer, and so on… in the last step i disabeled symmetry added mass for the hair and added a little volume on the jaw and chin and under the brow where glands are under neath the skin… this sculpt is not contained in the blend file.


feel free to use the blend file as wished, even if you do not want study but like to have a nice skull for your scary project πŸ˜‰ … if you want share the file with someone else, please do as is without altering it. … please, enjoy!

anatomy study – 03 (muscles)

i learned that i had the eyelids wrong, and that they are actually part of the orbicularis oris muscle (the ringmuscle around the eyes), so i corrected that, and to illustrate this fact better, i made a version with closed eyes too. it also shows that the lower lid stays fixed when closing the eyes, only when strongly squinting and similar movements the lower eyelid moves…

i added the missing muscles (there are some more, but i tried to focus on those that are used for expressions, to not overload the model and make it too complicate) and the ears. so thats how it looks now, ready for part 3 πŸ™‚ .. and after that i will reveal what the surprise, i talked about, is πŸ˜‰