vivien_07: final render

i think, i made it 🙂 i still can see areas i could tweak forever, but i am happy with it, so i call this big project done. .. i hope you enjoy my hommage to mucha … (and, please click image for large view)




almost there,,,, the details are mainly in now, it remains to refine the sculptings of dress, face, hair, and hands … i also worked on the material, i hope it is looking like porcelain now. … still everything modeled or sculpted, even the decorative band on her dress… lol, that almost drove me crazy, used zbrush here to help a little, but zbrush is not precise enough for such work, so i did the repeating pattern in blender, then in zbrush made a insertbrush of it, and then drew it over the dress. that gave the approximate position which i exported as a big mesh into blender, and adjusted the positioning in edit and sculpting mode… so here it is as what i have now, next time i hope i can show the final…



got a lot done, the experience from the fiat modeling really helped. so, some flowers are to be made, some details on the dress, and then everything will go through a final refinement pass…


and, since it looks neat, i add a compose of the wireframes of that big sun amulett that holds the dress (i need to do the chains still, of course). everything is modeled, no cheating via bumpmaps… lol…



today was sculpting time, my favourite part of the whole process 🙂 … i went over all parts and refined them uniformly, (hands still needs be developped, that is next) this way i hope to get an integrity in the end, and not single parts that are overworked and others not enough,,, still a lot to do, but starts taking shape 🙂


vivien _ 01

alphonse mucha is one of my favourite artists, and i always wanted to see how his wonderful illustrations translate into 3d. so, i had carved a panel from wood and also a relief from wood (more detail images on my homepage), but never tried digital… so it was the time for it 🙂 here is the start, blocking out the composition. the woman was sculpted in dynatopo in t-pose, then zremeshed, and in blender with an armature put into pose. then i sculpted from a cube with dynatopo a rough sketch of the dress, and with a few polygons the book… more items to come, and then the refinement fun will begin, with flowers and all jingle bells 🙂 here a screenshot from the workspace… i am excited to see how it will look in the end 🙂