myst island – 09

and 3 more… i hope you still enjoy πŸ˜‰





myst island – 08

and the next series of ingame like shots… i had quite some problems to find a place where to put the camera, to show the clocktower…i think they cheated there in the original myst, by taking down some trees for the shot,,lol




i will do a few more, but not too many as each image renders over an hour, when trees and grass is visible… if you are interested to see a particular spot, just let me know….

myst island – 06

all the modeling is complete. and all trees are planted… the scene has now 196 different objects, and it becomes apparent how clumsy blenders outliner is to handle such huge amount of objects,,sigh (not that this would be any easier in zbrush, though).. it would be nice if one could do folders of objects without parenting them to something … not sure if i want texture the whole thing, as it would cost another week of work at least… anyway, i hope you enjoy so far. i plan to make more renders, more like “in game” shots from certain locations to show them off. as it is now, you can hardly see all the tiny details i have modeled…

so for today, here are 3 cycles renders of the completed myst island.




myst island – 05

now that i have started detailing and building the smaller props, the progress slows down considerably… still two buildings to do, but these should be easy. and then is the work of planting the trees πŸ™‚ … these things i did today, and started defining some uvs too…