freddie – 15

weekend is sculpting time 🙂 so, i created enemy number four for the game… sculpted and textured in zbrush, then zremeshed and brought to blender. there i fixed some issues with the mesh given by zremesher. then i made uvs in blender, and back to zbrush, so that i could export all i needed, obj, texture, normal and ao map. back in blender i adapted the rig from enemy number 3 to fit this one, and altered the walkcycle to reflect more the character of this enemy. and finally i imported it to unity, in an empty scene, just to see how it would look… colors are slightly different, but i think with my game lightning it will look great…


and, since i love arranging the uv tiles, did i mention that already?, here is the result. not much space unused 🙂


i am very happy with this one, since the difference of the zbrush mesh, which had 2.7 mill polygons, and the mesh inside unity, which has only 8000 is hardly noticable 🙂


freddie – 14

time to share some info on how the game progresses… the last days were difficult, as i was not happy with the game control, and not happy with the camera movement. you know, the camera movement i had in my first game, for that i used a script provided by unity, and it had its squirks in my game. this time, i want to script my camera movement myself, to get a perfect camera 🙂 …. nice idea, but i found it is quite hard. this took me sometime, but now i have found a way to make it look nice 🙂 … you will see this only in the finished game, so please be patient with that… 😉

but, i want to show how the creation of level 3 goes on, so i made a work in progress screenshot from unity 🙂 … this is essentially how i want level 3, but it still needs some tweaking here and there …


creating the levels themselves is big fun 🙂 … i hope it makes you curious of how the game will be in the end…

freddie – 13

today, i worked on more animations for freddie, here is an opengl render in blender of the idle animation:


it does not look as pretty as a render with cycles, but only took 2 seconds to render the whole animation:-)

i made also sidesteppings and jump animations, and imported all to unity. then i created the statemachine for the animator, it looks kind of neat, i think 🙂
oh, btw, i made three types of ladders, where the steps have different heights. and since i wanted that freddie properly climbs up each laddertype, with his feet on the steps as needed, i made 3 different animations for these climbing the ladders 🙂


all the arrows carry boolean statements, which i then used to script what freddie does when the user hits certain keys. now freddie can do everything i want him be able to do 🙂 (… or rather, i still do have a pretty advanced idea, but i do that only later, if i have still the urge to get it in, since it is not essential for the game, only a fun addition … )

sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

ah, the other day, i visited one of the blogs i frequently visit, and saw this wonderful drawing by jacob. it inspired me so much, that i just had(!) to sculpt it 🙂 so, i made today holiday from the gamemaking, and instead had 4.5 hours sculpting heaven. it is still wip, meaning the meshes are all dynamesh, and need me remeshed so that i can paint (maybe) and render it propoerly in cycles 🙂


of course, i had to invent the back, but i tried to make it to match the front… i hope you like 🙂

freddie – 10

i had spend a wonderful weekend, with bringing freddie into unity and write some c#-scripts, so that he can walk along the platforms, go up, and go down a ladder 🙂 this part is really fun, when all the previous work comes together for the firt time 🙂 🙂 …my scripting is still weak, so it took the whole weekend, but now it is working. needs a little finetuning, to make it look really great, but the foundation is there now 🙂 … now, i will bring in the bear enemy, and try to code the basics of the game mechanics… as this is not very graphic, i suspend sharing images when it is went a little further along 😉 so for today, just this little note, to let you know i am very happily gamemaking 🙂