baby dragon – 15

the dog model is ready for animation πŸ™‚ … i first did a retopo by hand in blender, for optimal control over the mesh. it has 1600 quads:


then i made nice uvs in blender:


and then brought the model to zbrush, sculpted the highpoly details, made normal map and painted a texture map… i then tested the model in unity. it looks too pale there, so i need fix that, somehow, but otherwise i am happy how it comes into unity… and, yes, here as with the dragon i opted for subdividing the mesh once, so it has now a tad over 6000 quads in unity… if it turns out to be too heavy for the game, i also prepared a 1600 faces model, i could use then instead…


next will be fun of animation πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


cyborg woman – 03

haha, i really have a talent to pick always the most labourous projects, lol… so, progress is much slower than i thought it would be… here is how far i am, presented with a matcap to show off the surface quality ;-). retopo is mostly done, some holes are still there, but i might leave them open, to show some interior cyborg… and, i started hardening edges, putting in creases. still no smaller details, these will come, hopefully soon ….


don’t judge a tree by its bark – 06

hui, working out these rough sculpts is much more work than i had planned for… lol… so, here is one shoe, the laces (done in blender, as zbrushs curves are too fiddly for me) need some tweeking as well as the chains. and, this is a lowpoly version of the shoe with normalmap. in the final render, i think, i will use the highpoly shoe if necessary (might not be necessary, as the shoes will be relatively small in the image, so the polygons we can see now, might not be visible in tiny size…)


felix mendelssohn bartholdy – continued – 03

oh, well i thought the modeling was finished yesterday, but when i tried to render it with a marble shader, it looked all wonky… so, today, i refeined again the whole bust, sharpened lines, emphasized details, generally carved deeper. all this in blender… and then i fiddled long time to get the shader just right… rendered alot of passes in blender, composite then in photoshop…


amphitrite – 07 – final renders

i made it!! the stats for this piece are impressive: i had to join all the sculpts into one big mesh, that had then 25 million polygons, the vertex paint (for the aging effect) took blender 15 minutes to calculate, using 25 gigs of ram πŸ™‚ …lol… the renders were then rather quick, only 6 minutes each with all jingle bells turned on πŸ™‚ i love my new mac πŸ™‚

so, on with the show : (please click each image for enjoying full resolution)


amphitrite_17 amphitrite_18 amphitrite_19 amphitrite_20