freddie – 18 – and a happy new year greeting

first post in 2016 🙂 a little slow start this year compared to the earlier years 😉 … but it only looks like that, as i am very busy to get the game finished. i need to have it done by the end of the week, and still there is a lot to do. in the moment, i am struggling again with coding. it has become quite complex, and i start to loose the complete overview, which makes tracking bugs hard … but, my goal is to get it done in time… it will be a birthday gift to my husband, since i believe he will like it because of the topic 🙂 … and, i want share it with you my dear readers, as a thank you, since you helped me so much with it 🙂

i wish you all a happy new year 2016. and that you will have a great creative new year with lots of inspirations and fun time of bringing your art to life, be it writing, sculpting, music, making movies, games, or whatever it is that tickles your interest.


2015 in review

it is this time of year again, that wordpress sends out the annual reports. and i do love them 🙂 so, here i am sharing them again. for the fifth time that is… it is amazing, i was never especting this blog live for so long. a great part were you, my dear readers, who come very regularly, and make encouraging comments, or give me help and offer valuable insights. and, for this, i want to thank you all! i do appreciate very much your time spending reading my blog…
so, for now, i wish you all to get a wonderful change of the years, and do look forward to meet you again in the new year… and, here is the report, enjoy if you like such things too 🙂

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

free tutorials

good news for all interested in sculpting!! cgcookie has made several of my tutorials now free! that means you can download the videos and all the material i created for free. so, if you are interested in sculpting go get them here (note: you need to create a free account at cgcookie to be able to download…)

the courses are basic sculpting courses, but require that you know how to use the sculpt tools in the app of your choice. the courses are done in blender, but you can follow very easily along in zbrush, as i teach the ideas and not “click here, click there”, you only need to know how sculpting works at all in zbrush. enjoy!

just playing …

today, i decided to have some mindless fun 🙂 … so i fired up zbrush, made a quick zmodeler object, made with the greeble pack (glenn at zbrush central shared it) a displacement map for greebles, then brought the object to blender and made custom uv’s, back to zbrush to apply the displacements, and made a quick bpr render… just for fun…


could be something flying in space… maybe… lol

organic spaceships design

yesterday, i watched a video of feng zhu (one of my favourite concept artists) where he shows a very fun way to come up with design ideas. it was so amazing to watch him and see what wonderful design he created this way in such a short time (the video is real time, not timelapse!)… it is somehow like “reading the clouds”, where you see things in the random forms :-)) … and, then i thought i could try something along these lines for 3d too… so i began with the first step. idea was to create organic spaceships and i followed feng zhu in his way of creating ideas shown in the mentioned video. these are mine after 90 minutes work in photoshop:


not bad, 22 ideas in such a short amount of time… then i picked 4 i liked best, and tried to translate them into 3d using zbrush and trying out several techniques. the numbers show the order i created them (i think number 4 turned out best, as i got a feel what to do. and, obviously these are not finished sculpts, but design sketches… from here it would be easy to pick one and bring it to a polished finish…)


can you spot which of the 4 designs i used to create these organic spaceships?

loomis method, a second try

today i wanted try the same in zbrush, since there are clipping and trim brushes available. and, as i thought it is interesting, i like to show some (rather embarrassing) steps, since in forums i sometimes get the feeling people believe my sculptures look pretty after each stroke. no not at all. look at these first steps, following loomis method in zbrush:


see, how ugly this looks? but the important is to notice that the big forms and proportions are mostly correct, so all it needs is observing what smaller forms make it look so ugly and work on them… also notice that i drew with colors guidelines on the mesh. in zbrush these do not vanish when invoking dynamesh. very handy… and, after some more work, now in blender, since i really do not like sculpting in zbrush too much, we get this (from the ugly one above!)


another interesting note: this finished bust sketch has in blender around 200k polygons… the ugly one above in zbrush over a million already, and still the mesh is far from nice…