… and here is is finished, a quickie sculpt just for fun and relaxing. i hope you enjoy 🙂





as i needed a little break from my game project to recharge my batteries, i thought a little quick sculpting would be fun. skateboard is done with zmodeler, the boy is done from a sphere, and just mainly roughed in, using dynamesh. sculpting without symmetry is quite fun for a change 🙂


free tutorials

good news for all interested in sculpting!! cgcookie has made several of my tutorials now free! that means you can download the videos and all the material i created for free. so, if you are interested in sculpting go get them here (note: you need to create a free account at cgcookie to be able to download…)

the courses are basic sculpting courses, but require that you know how to use the sculpt tools in the app of your choice. the courses are done in blender, but you can follow very easily along in zbrush, as i teach the ideas and not “click here, click there”, you only need to know how sculpting works at all in zbrush. enjoy!

baby dragon – 01

a new project! yippie 🙂 … this time, i want to learn how to create a character from start to finish, that could be used in a game. so, i want design this character, sculpt it, retopo it, texture it, make a rig and possibly a facial rig, make some poses and possibly a walk cycle, and then (hopefully) test this character in unity game engine … this is a lot to learn, parts i know already, but there is a lot to be covered i only have faint knowledges so far..lol…
i plan to sculpt and design a highpoly character and the colorisation in zbrush, then switch to blender for retopo and all the following tasks to create from the highpoly model a game character… so, this will be a fun project, i think 🙂

my idea is to create a cute baby dragon that is up for all kind of nonsense…. here is the initial concept sculpt i made today. it ran through a lot of iterations already, and is still very rough, but i think now i have the features and general proportions in i want to see in it…


anatomy study: body in motion – 02

today i finished the sculpting, and made a render with cycles… and, even though i had checked the sculpt often, i only saw after rendering some little flaws 😦 … well, i think, i call it done nevertheless, and keep the flaws in mind to not do them next time again… i hope you enjoy 🙂


and, i like to share the essential steps that lead to this sculpt, may be it is interesting and informative for some 🙂


(please click the images, they are bigger than appear in blog)

anatomy study: body in motion – 01

here is a sneak peak of what i am working on right now. still doing my anatomy studies. and i was thinking it is best to learn these while the body is in motion. i found a beautiful reference image that i use as a basis, unfortunuately the image shows just one view, so i have to apply what i know, resp use other resources to fill in the gaps… for the head i did a portrait of wade. as with the previous study, i sculpt the parts separately, and will combine in the final…

so, here is a wip image of wade exercising martial arts: