portrait of tom schilling – 02

and, here is the final sculpt. … i think, i will need to study sculpting likenesses more, since every person i asked said my sculpt looks like dicapricio. and, i agree, the hairdo, and the tiny beard, makes one think first of him, and their structure of face is similar too… and, as he is a young german actor, he might not be well known all around the world even though he has won already some prestigious prizes… anyway, i hope you enjoy my attempt of portrait. this time everything done in zbrush, everything is sculpted no bumpmaps, and then i rendered the 15 mill polygons in cycles…



augustyn – 01

after seeing the improvements on my marilyn sculpt after three years of sculpting, i thought i want retry the portrait of augustyn to see if i am now able to get a better likeness. working from the same set of reference fotos, i sculpted the rough forms and proportions in dynatopo. 2 hours work in here now. next step retopo and refinement. so, i am using the same workflow as one year ago 🙂 …