nature challenge – 04

and a waterfall scene 🙂


(please click image to enjoy full resolution)

in this scene, the terrain and the water, and the waterfall, are sculpted. first in blenders dynatopo, then for detailing in zbrush… there are 10 000 trees in the scene, and 15 000 waterbubbles 🙂 and, despite all that, it rendered in only 52 minutes on my graphiccard 🙂

editing the particle systems was however quite a challenge. not that they were so complicated, but see how blender displayed the water bubbles in the viewport:


lol… but cycles knew how to render this mess… sigh, i really wish they would enhance the viewport…


nature challenge – 03

this little pond scene was technically quite demanding, meaning, blender refused to do what i wanted it do. the trees i created with the sapling addon, with custom leaves. and since i wanted to place them with a particle system, i needed to join leaves and trunk into one mesh… in viewport it looked always correct after i hit “ctrl+j”, but when i rendered the joined meshes the trunk part rendered fine, but all leaves were suddenly clumped at one small part of a few branches.. it looked funny… lol… but of course i needed this to work,,,so my workaround was to send them to zbrush, join them there and send back… and then the new trouble was, that i lost the uv… well and so on, one difficulty after the other, … but i was persistant, and here is the result 🙂 i hope you like…


(please click image to enjoy full resolution)

nature challenge – 01

to me challenges are a good way to learn, and like my previous portrait and figure challenges, i want do now a nature challenge, to get out of my comfort zone of sculpting 🙂 … the motivation for trying this was the hedgehog image… now i want do a series of images, to learn about how to create nature scenes in blender, where i use zbrush of course too, whenever zbrush is more convinient for a task (like texturing…)…

here my first attempt, a path along a little creek …