baby dragon – 10

well, trying to create a small game is so much work that one hardly can show on a blog with images. .. i did the uv layout for the environment. i did it in blender, but still it was a nightmare… lol… and, i did some work on the flower gameobjects. baby dragon can now properly walk around in the environment (i had to rewrite the script, as it was not possible to customize it to my needs, or at least i did not know how) and i figured out how to program the core feaure of the game.. haha..i cannot show that either,,i mean code bits were boring to show… but, i give you an ingame shot as a teaser πŸ™‚


seeing this image, i think i should position the sun different so that we can see some of these wonderful shadows …


nature challenge – 03

this little pond scene was technically quite demanding, meaning, blender refused to do what i wanted it do. the trees i created with the sapling addon, with custom leaves. and since i wanted to place them with a particle system, i needed to join leaves and trunk into one mesh… in viewport it looked always correct after i hit “ctrl+j”, but when i rendered the joined meshes the trunk part rendered fine, but all leaves were suddenly clumped at one small part of a few branches.. it looked funny… lol… but of course i needed this to work,,,so my workaround was to send them to zbrush, join them there and send back… and then the new trouble was, that i lost the uv… well and so on, one difficulty after the other, … but i was persistant, and here is the result πŸ™‚ i hope you like…


(please click image to enjoy full resolution)

nature challenge – 01

to me challenges are a good way to learn, and like my previous portrait and figure challenges, i want do now a nature challenge, to get out of my comfort zone of sculpting πŸ™‚ … the motivation for trying this was the hedgehog image… now i want do a series of images, to learn about how to create nature scenes in blender, where i use zbrush of course too, whenever zbrush is more convinient for a task (like texturing…)…

here my first attempt, a path along a little creek …


little princess – 09

so here is my little princess, with all hairsystems and everything i wanted, and fully textured (i did this again in substancepainter, works really great with cycles then :-))… and, i rendered the three colorchoices to see how it looks… next will be rigging (oje,oje…) so that i can pose her and finally do the itended fotosession with her πŸ™‚