freddie – 17

today, i first fixed the weightpainting. this was harder than i thought it would be. in the end, the secret was to use the blur brush a lot, really a lot! … and then i tried to animate this enemy hopping… it was fun, and looks quite weird, but i think it fits his character. do you think so too?



freddie – 16

i hope you all had a nice holiday πŸ™‚ … i managed to work more on my game, mostly coding, since i am still very slow with it… but today, i worked on a new enemy, as i want some different way of movement in the game. so, he will come in level 5, i think, and he is not walking but jumping. here is a screenshot within blender, where i had just rigged him, and tried out the weightpaint if it works with the intended poses…


i really like, that due to the game making, i am learning how to work quickly and efficiently. this guy took only 3 hours, sculpting from scratch in zbrush. then i zremeshed thim from 7 mill down to 5000 polygons. then i made polygroups for the uv islands in zbrush, goz to blender to use those polygroups for uv making. and arranged the uvislands to use best space. back to zbrush, i painted the texture, and sculpted detail. here i noticed i have not enough polgones on the head. so, i bring back to blender, selected the face and subdivided this once. yes, this made an ugly border of polygons, but i had chosen this border away from the uv seam, and in an area that will not move in animation. then i brought back this mesh, that now had 7000 polygons, to zbrush, and let zbrush project the details back to this higher mesh… then i finished sculpting detail and texture paining in zbrush, and finally calculated normal map and occlusion map and texture map and back to blender. … all this was only 3 hours πŸ™‚ … then i first tried that the maps and the lowpoly works well in unity, and it does. then i made a rig and skinned it to the mesh, and the image shows one of my tests for the rig πŸ™‚ … and, yes, as you can see there is still some fixing needed with the weightpaint, as the mesh at the neck is stretched in this pose…

freddie – 15

weekend is sculpting time πŸ™‚ so, i created enemy number four for the game… sculpted and textured in zbrush, then zremeshed and brought to blender. there i fixed some issues with the mesh given by zremesher. then i made uvs in blender, and back to zbrush, so that i could export all i needed, obj, texture, normal and ao map. back in blender i adapted the rig from enemy number 3 to fit this one, and altered the walkcycle to reflect more the character of this enemy. and finally i imported it to unity, in an empty scene, just to see how it would look… colors are slightly different, but i think with my game lightning it will look great…


and, since i love arranging the uv tiles, did i mention that already?, here is the result. not much space unused πŸ™‚


i am very happy with this one, since the difference of the zbrush mesh, which had 2.7 mill polygons, and the mesh inside unity, which has only 8000 is hardly noticable πŸ™‚

freddie – 08

me, and animating in blender… sigh, this is still not a love affair πŸ˜‰ … blender still does the copy x-fliped pose wonkyness from time to time, even though all rolls of the bones are zero… the odd thing is, if i simply ignore the wonky pose, save the file and quit blender, then restart blender and reopen the file, the pose is correct!… now what a beautiful workflow is that???

the other thing i have trouble with, is the 1000’s of shortcut keys in blender, where you need press several keyes at once: for example, if i want switch from, say right view to left view, i need to press ctrl+ the numpad 3. well, i cannot reach with my right hand the numpad 3 and the (right) ctrl key on the keyboard, my hand is too small for that. so i do it pressing the ctrl key with left hand, and the numpad 3 with right hand… sigh, this means always an interruption in the workflow, as in my right hand is my tablet pen and so i need to put it into position right after pressing the keys… and this is just one example,,, another one, one often uses is for parenting, ctrl+p, well again, i have a hard time reaching both keys with the right hand alone, its just a tad too far… in zbrush, you never have to make such accrobatics with your hands, you either press single letters (and most of them are chosen on the left hand side of the keyboard, so you can press them quickly while sculpting along with your right hand), or when you need to press more than one key,these keys are in the shift, ctrl, alt or cmd , so you can hit them easily with your left hand, even two or three of them at once if necessary. i wish, blender would make the keyboard use more artist friendly… and yes, i know, one can assign all the 1000 keys as one wishes, and customize them. but fact is, such customization takes quite an annoying time and sometimes is lost with a blender update to a new version. i know from experience. so this is not really an option either… not for so many keys anyway, i still have a few set differenty…

enough complaining, but this is only my frustration, blender kept me from really making progress on my game now for 4 days. and, as i still not know what really causes the wonky copy x-flipped pose, and why it is working sometimes, i feel not too well in looking forward to my game progress…

anyway, after a lot of struggle, here is the walkcycle for mr bear enemy, i tried to make show his weight while he is walking…


(sorry, i seem to have compressed the gif a little too much, will do better with the next one…)

freddie – 06

haha, instead of doing the technical stuff, like trying out the first enemy for freddie in animation and in unity, i sculpted a new enemy today πŸ™‚

this time, i started off from the basemesh of the first enemy, and transformed it into the basic forms of the second one, just by using the move brush, and some smoothing. originally, i thought i could use this basemesh further, but the head had way too few polygons and the edgeflow was not good at all…, so i zremeshed it, and developed it further:


then i painted it in zbrush, and added details to receive the final highpolysculpt:


then i brought it into blender and made some wonderful uv map … i really love figureing out how to place the “puzzle” pieces to make the best of the uvspace πŸ™‚


and as a last step, i goz this model back to zbrush, and projected everything onto it, and then baked texture and normal map, as well as occlusion map…. so, now 2 enemies are ready for skinning and then animation…

freddie – 05

as i was today in sculpting mood, i decided to create the first of the enemies that freddie will meet during the game πŸ™‚

just 5 hours, zbrush fun, and a little help from blender for getting the uv layout nice πŸ™‚ … he also has already a basemesh, with a tad over 5000 polygons, created with zremesher and refined a little with zmodler to get rid of some spiral looops. i will try if that works for animation. if yes, i would be very happy as it would save me the retopo that always takes quite a time of the character creation process…

so, first the steps in finding the character:


and how the final character looks in highpoly zbrush screenshot:


and his nice uv layout πŸ™‚


tomorrow i will bake normalmap and texture map, and try him out in unity, and try to animate him in blender πŸ™‚ i hope you like him, despite he will be an “enemy”… πŸ˜‰