lady with black and white dress – 02

afer a few days rest frm game making, i have picked up the abandoned project of the lady with the black and white dress. i have now all the meshes cleaned up, zremeshed them, and have painted the textures. they need to be cleaned up in photoshp still… i am not sure about the fringe at the lower dress, in the reference image it was in black and white stripes as well, and i tried it too, but i don’t like it too much… maybe i redo these two fringes in blender, with cloth sim, and may be then stripes will look good… so, here is how far i am, a zbrish screenshot:



freddie – 13

today, i worked on more animations for freddie, here is an opengl render in blender of the idle animation:


it does not look as pretty as a render with cycles, but only took 2 seconds to render the whole animation:-)

i made also sidesteppings and jump animations, and imported all to unity. then i created the statemachine for the animator, it looks kind of neat, i think 🙂
oh, btw, i made three types of ladders, where the steps have different heights. and since i wanted that freddie properly climbs up each laddertype, with his feet on the steps as needed, i made 3 different animations for these climbing the ladders 🙂


all the arrows carry boolean statements, which i then used to script what freddie does when the user hits certain keys. now freddie can do everything i want him be able to do 🙂 (… or rather, i still do have a pretty advanced idea, but i do that only later, if i have still the urge to get it in, since it is not essential for the game, only a fun addition … )

freddie – 09

before i start this blogpost, i want to thank mustakettu and john for their big support on my game project 🙂 your recent comments really helped me to get over the frustration with blender that grew each day stronger and started to kill the joy for my game. but, today i have back the positive excitement for my game, i need so much for driving me to get through to the end. all my projects live from this inner drive, when it gets lost while working on a project, the project is lost. with this drive, and joy, i can endure a lot of difficulties and push through, but when it fades away from constant frustration of not understanding what is happening a project is on risk to die…. so, that you both jumped in with comments, really helped me, to find back this drive, so my big thank you to you both!

and now i want share what i did tody 🙂

first, i did finetune the walkcycle for freddie, as suggested by john. i changed the spine movement by a few degrees, it is subtle in result, but i really like it better. so, here is this, as i said, it is subtle:


and then i did a new animation. freddie needs to climb up and down ladders. this is the first animation i did, where i used the graph editor to finetune the animation. this was really fun 🙂 … here is how he does climbing up:


there is one extreme pose, where the volume of freddie is lost a little, but for the moment i leave it like that. since i believe i would have to correct this by shapekeys, and this is another feature of blender which i have never used so far. so, either it will stay like this, or i learn shapekeys when i am well in the game, and can tolerate a new round of frustration 😉 … anyway, i hope you enjoy these…

freddie – 07

my dear readers, you probably thought i was giving up… yes, it looked like that, but instead i was figthing a big fight with blender for almost 3 days. i tried blender to make “copy x-flipped pose” work properly 😦 … my rig, worked fine when testing, i made half a walkcycle, and wanted x-flip the other half, but when i did “copy x-flipped pose” i received an all wonky pose, that had nothing to do with an x-flipped pose (meaning mirrored on the x-axis) … so, finding tutorials or info was in order… alas, all video tutorials i found, did not show me what i did wrong. it worked in their case. but even if i followed the tutorial i always got a mess, instead of what they showed. so i repeated my error even by following the tutorials literally, and could not learn from the tutorials what it was… i found some written infos, that said one has to align the x-axes of the bones of the legs, say, to point all in the same direction. and this is what was done in many tutorials too… i tried, it did not work… but i found what was crucial, and no one in a tutorial ever mentioned:

the “roll” of every deform bone has to be zero! not 15, or 230, but always zero! (This is an imported piece of info, i write down here for further reference)

now, a roll value not zero works fine, when moving the bones by hand, but for the copy x-flip thing it is essential that the roll is zero. why is such an important thing nowhere written? or mentioned in a tutorial? … and why is it that even when rotating a bone in orthographic side view of the bone around its local x-axis, the roll changes ? should blender not keep the roll zero in this case? but in my blender it does not, whenever i rotate a bone, the roll changes like mad… hmm

well, today, i found out about the roll needs be zero, and i worked over my whole rig, made all the rolls zero, and had of course bind the mesh fresh to this rig, as changing the roll after binding twistes the legs etc like mad… but, i made it.


and made a new walk animation, since the previous one was completely useless with the changed rig… as always the gif animation is slower than the animation in blender… constructive critique is welcome, since freddie will be the main character, so i want him realy to shine in the game 🙂


freddie – 06

haha, instead of doing the technical stuff, like trying out the first enemy for freddie in animation and in unity, i sculpted a new enemy today 🙂

this time, i started off from the basemesh of the first enemy, and transformed it into the basic forms of the second one, just by using the move brush, and some smoothing. originally, i thought i could use this basemesh further, but the head had way too few polygons and the edgeflow was not good at all…, so i zremeshed it, and developed it further:


then i painted it in zbrush, and added details to receive the final highpolysculpt:


then i brought it into blender and made some wonderful uv map … i really love figureing out how to place the “puzzle” pieces to make the best of the uvspace 🙂


and as a last step, i goz this model back to zbrush, and projected everything onto it, and then baked texture and normal map, as well as occlusion map…. so, now 2 enemies are ready for skinning and then animation…

freddie – 05

as i was today in sculpting mood, i decided to create the first of the enemies that freddie will meet during the game 🙂

just 5 hours, zbrush fun, and a little help from blender for getting the uv layout nice 🙂 … he also has already a basemesh, with a tad over 5000 polygons, created with zremesher and refined a little with zmodler to get rid of some spiral looops. i will try if that works for animation. if yes, i would be very happy as it would save me the retopo that always takes quite a time of the character creation process…

so, first the steps in finding the character:


and how the final character looks in highpoly zbrush screenshot:


and his nice uv layout 🙂


tomorrow i will bake normalmap and texture map, and try him out in unity, and try to animate him in blender 🙂 i hope you like him, despite he will be an “enemy”… 😉