sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

ah, the other day, i visited one of the blogs i frequently visit, and saw this wonderful drawing by jacob. it inspired me so much, that i just had(!) to sculpt it 🙂 so, i made today holiday from the gamemaking, and instead had 4.5 hours sculpting heaven. it is still wip, meaning the meshes are all dynamesh, and need me remeshed so that i can paint (maybe) and render it propoerly in cycles 🙂


of course, i had to invent the back, but i tried to make it to match the front… i hope you like 🙂


haeckel’s artforms of nature – 07

today, i sculpted a jellyfish like form and it was a lot of fun! i began sculpting it in blenders dynatopo, since i found that blenders sculpting supports radial symmetry 🙂 and, amazingly, this radial symmetry made that i could sculpt it upto 2mill polygons in dynatopo before it started to lag..:


then i brought this to zbrush, and asked for zremeshing … lol…. i required 50k polygons… lol… well, zbrush calculated 5 minutes, and came up with a great retopo, with 200k polygons. i said ok, subdivided it upto 12 mill polygons and cleaned up, and added detail. sculpting 12 mill polygons are no problem at all in zbrush,,,… 12 mill polygons sounds a lot, and it is, but even with that i could see some stretched polygons, it was barely enough polygons… but, it looked great. then, i decimated in zbrush, it took again 5 minuted to process the beast, and i decimated it down to 600k polygons 🙂 and, amazingly, it still looks like the 12 mill mesh, even on closeups… so, i goz this back to blender, and there is a first render of that beauty. please, enjoy!


haeckel’s artforms of nature – 04

this coral like structure i made completely in blender. this time most of it is modeled. that is i modeled and textured a few cylindrical pieces, and kitbashed then the whole together using curve modifiers alot to bend and scale the straight cylinders into shape.

the bump i made by creating the pattern via curves- and array-modifier, disturbed by a lattice-modifer, and then rendered with an orthographic camera depth, ao, and normal map of this. this way i got a texture i could use to drive the bumps in the cylindrical shape, which this time were unwrapped with the follow activ quad method, so that the square lines of the bumps follow the forms…


i am not sure this one is working together with the previous ones, as due to the modeling, it lacks the sculptural feel…

haeckel’s artforms of nature – 03

and number three 🙂 these are too much fun! this one, contrary to the first two, is not copied directly from one of haeckels drawings, but i used two and made my design using their features… zremesher freaked out when i requested to zremesh on the original 6 mill polygon mesh…lol… so, i resorted to decimation master, and it has now only 240k plogons, and still looks the same like the original sculpt even in closeups 🙂


and a turntable a short “making-of”:



haeckel’s artforms of nature – 01

a new project, i am not sure yet what it will be exactely in the end, but i want do something along the lines of haeckels wonderful drawings of nature… so, here is my first piece, a shell like structure, inspired by one of his drawings.


the shell started in blenders dynatopo, then hopped over to zbrush via goz, got there her detail treatment, nice topology and uv map. then i calculated normals and decimated heavily with keeping the uvs. then goz it back to blender, and rendered it…

and, i want try a new form of presentation of the progress:


if you like to see more such progress animations, let me know in the comments.