baby dragon – 18 – game is finished!

yippiee!! i made it πŸ™‚

after spending the weekend with more cleaning up, and actually also adding features to the game … lol … , i made this morning some final tweaks, and a last test run, and decided it is good to go for now…

the whole time was a big adventure for myself. it started from the idea to learn how to make a game character, so baby dragon was born, and when i had it, it evolved from there. i am happy, i did stick to the coding learning, as this was in the beginning so very frustrating, that i almost gave up. but, gladly, i stick with it, and now have quite some knowledge in c#, and looking forward to do a second game! with more streamlined code, and not so much “spaghetti-code” as i did in several places,,, since i did not know how it could be done better… the best experience in all the gamemaking was, when seeing how things work out, after long testing and struggling, baby dragon walked finally in unity, same nice as in blender πŸ™‚ and with the gardentools, i can tell you, they almost drove me mad… lol… but, now all (or rather most of it) runs smoothly, and i hope it is a game for enjoying…

so, i like to share my game with my dear readers. the game is free for personal use. the game art and everything stays my copyright (with the exceptions mentioned in the credits of the game). it is ok to share the game further, exactely as you got it, mentioning where you got it from. it is not ok to sell my game πŸ˜‰

so, if you don’t mind a big download, and don’t mind playing a game which has no save feature, like back in the eighties …lol, then feel free to download and try it. the gameplay takes about 2 hours, at least this is what my husband needed … the mac version runs stable on different macs, this is tested. i tried to make a pc version, and i hope i got it right. but as i said in the previous post, i cannot even check if the game starts on pc. so, i would appreciate some feedback here, in particular if it is not running at all, so that in such a desastrous case, i could cancel the pc download button and save others the long download time…

mac download

pc download

and now i hope you enjoy!! i would appreciate to hear how you liked it, or what you don’t liked, so that i can do better in the next game project πŸ™‚ have fun now!


baby dragon – 16

besides doing scripting for the game, i also managed to rig the dog, and made a walk cycle… the gif, unfortunuately, is showing the motion much slower than it looks in blender, or unity, but at least you can see it a little. i hope you like.


baby dragon – 15

the dog model is ready for animation πŸ™‚ … i first did a retopo by hand in blender, for optimal control over the mesh. it has 1600 quads:


then i made nice uvs in blender:


and then brought the model to zbrush, sculpted the highpoly details, made normal map and painted a texture map… i then tested the model in unity. it looks too pale there, so i need fix that, somehow, but otherwise i am happy how it comes into unity… and, yes, here as with the dragon i opted for subdividing the mesh once, so it has now a tad over 6000 quads in unity… if it turns out to be too heavy for the game, i also prepared a 1600 faces model, i could use then instead…


next will be fun of animation πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

baby dragon – 14

i can imagine, my dear readers, that you start to think i gave up on my game project… it just looks like that from the non existing blog posts… but the contrary is the case πŸ™‚ i am very busy, and making progress. i finally got a very difficult script to run *difficult for me as a bloody beginner, that is*… and, i got the idea that my game needs a second character. so, i jumped into blender, turned on dynatopo and had some fun roughing out the first design πŸ™‚ this kind of sculpting still works much better in blender than in zbrush, dynatopo is so much superior with it really being dynamic…


i kind of like how he looks right now, i think he will complement baby dragon well πŸ™‚ please stay tuned, even if it takes me so long to make my game …

as a side note… i got worried that my game has too much graphics already, so i put a framecounter, and am glad it turns out my beasty machine gets 65 frames a second. so i assume it will run fine, once it it finished,,, at least if i not add too much more graphics, that is… lol… fun !!

baby dragon – 02

good old hand retopo in blender πŸ™‚ … zen … πŸ™‚


after aplying the mirror modifier he has now 2200 polygons, so i have still a lot of polygons free to use.
and, i will need them

  • the inside of mouth is not done yet. of course he will need teeth and toungue!
  • the eyes are missing (i closed the lid here in retopo, for that i can paint the upperlid better, and for that i have enough polygons for a closed eyes pose),
  • and i need to put more polygons at the joints, to get the mesh more friendly for bending.

but i am happy about how much of the little character comes across already with these few polygons πŸ™‚

baby dragon – 01

a new project! yippie πŸ™‚ … this time, i want to learn how to create a character from start to finish, that could be used in a game. so, i want design this character, sculpt it, retopo it, texture it, make a rig and possibly a facial rig, make some poses and possibly a walk cycle, and then (hopefully) test this character in unity game engine … this is a lot to learn, parts i know already, but there is a lot to be covered i only have faint knowledges so…
i plan to sculpt and design a highpoly character and the colorisation in zbrush, then switch to blender for retopo and all the following tasks to create from the highpoly model a game character… so, this will be a fun project, i think πŸ™‚

my idea is to create a cute baby dragon that is up for all kind of nonsense…. here is the initial concept sculpt i made today. it ran through a lot of iterations already, and is still very rough, but i think now i have the features and general proportions in i want to see in it…


leman – 01

on a recent walk through the forest, i detected an unknown species of insectivore, and quickly made in zbrush a portrait of him when i came home πŸ™‚
it seems to be a night active being, as the big eyes and ears show. the claws indicate that he digs for his prey. his sharp teeth show that he can easily bite through the hard armour of insects. and the feet, big as they are, make him well adapted for living on muddy, wet forest floors. he is quite small, and obviously has a lot similarities with a human being, despite the head… he does not seem to have protections, but his skin coloration might be a good way to camouflage, may be that is why he was not earlier found …


as i am the first to have seeen these adorable creatures, i may name them πŸ™‚ and, i think, leman is the perfect name for them πŸ™‚ … this weekend i will try to watch him further, and report to you what he does,,, πŸ˜‰