i created this blog to have a sketchbook for my zbrush works. … this is how the blog started. then i saw an image rendered with cycles, and it was so much better in quality than everything zbrush’s renderer can deliver, and i knew i want render with cycles… this brought me to blender, and i had to learn the most arkward ui for a 3d package… lol… but meanwhile i can do a lot of things in blender, though there are still huge areas in blender where i have no idea how to use them… but, all i need for my portraits i can now… so, this blog has grown into a blog which centers around zbrush and blender work, with occasional some completely different…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Doris! I love how far you have come in your work! it’s truly beautiful. I have not been on my blog for quite a while, much longer than I intended in fact, and am just now seeing that you nominated my blog for the Dragon’s loyalty award. I am so honored that you thought of me, and so sorry that i missed it! I hope you will continue to come and visit though.

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